Mandalay - Myanmar October 2018 /photo Maciej Dakowicz

I was born in soviet Poland where I found my calling in the spatial perception and geometric patterns of architecture. After finishing my studies in architecture, I moved to Paris, where I have lived ever since. At one point in my life, I was looking for myself.I like to travel and I had always done photography but never in such an intense way.My children pushed me to move forward. 

I discovered street photography in November 2018, during a workshop by Maciej Dakowicz in Mandalay, Burma.That was the first spark that incited a whole series of workshops and photography related trips.

When I go out in the street with my camera, I have no precise idea of what I am going to photograph. A priori everything interests me, the ordinary scenes, the details, the light, the colors, the shapes and above all the people inspire me.I like to go very close to people. I respect people, I don't want to attack them. I don't use flash, ever. My presence is accepted, why I don't know. I never put people in a situation. I adapt to the scene, I try to preserve natural expressions.I like to photograph people in their everyday surroundings, natural behavior, 

I try to make candid street photos, simplifying the chaotic mess of life with a sense of beauty, to bring out some mystery and order.I love to capture those moments that make every moment beautiful in everyday life. Natural light is a very important element for me to take photos, beautiful light is already the motivation to take photos. When I discover the city I walk in the direction of light. I need the motivation.. this can be a shadow flooding the edges of a fruit stand, a scarf carried away by a sudden gust of wind..

First of all, I photograph when I am traveling, I am in complete symbiosis with the photographic gaze, maximum concentration on the surrounding space.I am fascinated by India and Asia in general, but I also love taking photos in New York, Europa..I can find something fascinating everywhere, I can adapt to different conditions, it is getting to know myself and my own possibilities to create.I started taking pictures in Paris/my home place/ for a year with the RICOH GR III camera, I try to have it always in my purse.

I feel that something magical is happening with me, with the world around me as I take pictures.I can't explain ..I think it is the necessity of creating ..I love spontaneous meetings that can only take place on the street.

Street photography requires a lot of concentration. It's an instant hunt that requires another look.-------

"I don't think about art when I work, I think about life. "

-Jean Michel Basquiat


2022 - Siena International Photo Awards - finalists,  1-30 October  2022

2022 - Pisa Street Photography International Festival - finalists,  24/25 September  2022

2022 - ISPF ItalianStreetPhotoFestival, my series "Out of the shadow" is among the 12 finalists, Roma - 29-30April, 1 May.           


2022 -  Women Street Photographers - Annual Exhibition in New York - April 8 


2021 -   Women Street Photographers :  

                - 2nd Virtual Exhibition, September – October 2021                

                -Exhibition at the Regional Museum of Anthropology, Villahermosa, Mexico, 2021

2021 -  Women Street Photographers :

               July 26-August 9,  Paris Exhibition of 30 Photographers .           

2021 -  Mars 9 - 28,  "Double Trouble" -Unexposed Collective and  Women in Street in Brisbane.

2020 Women Street Photographers :

                December 11 - 28 , New York                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                October 17-November 8, Trieste, Italy  

                August 19-September 19, Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival  

                August 27-September 27  Chelyabinsk, Russia

2020 Head On Photo Festival06 November-06 December , "Double Trouble" in Sydney

2019  - Women Street Photographers  18 December-02 January, New York 

               Miami Street Photography Festival 05 December-8 December 

2015 -  Salon Internacional del Caribe  03-06 July , Santiago de Cuba, Special distinction.

2012 -  "Electric Worlds", exhibition organized by the EDF Foundation in Paris 14 novembre 2012 au 17 mars 2013,

               then in Mulhouse and Toulouse.      /Reportage  "Hairdressing salon in Santiago de Cuba"


2016 - 06 - 20 February, "After Sandy" exhibition at Santiago de Cuba, Centro Provincial de Artes Plásticas y Diseño.

2O15 - 31 August-10 Septembre, " Winged and Earthly Creatures" de Mirta Gontad et Anna Biret , exhibition at  PARIS, Argentine Embassy.

2014 - 22 July-05 August, "Traces and Contrasts" exhibition at Sopot/Poland , Zatoka Sztuki.

               17 September-18 October ,"Traces and Contrasts"  exhibition at  PARIS, Espace Remix Co-Working.

2013 - 15 - 29 September, "Traces and Contrasts" exhibition at  PARIS, Galerie Sparts.


2022 - The Independent Photography - Street photography - finalists judged by Bruce Gilden.


2022 - Life Framer - "Youthhood" - finalists judged by conceptual fine art photographer Holly Andres.


2022 - RÉPONSES PHOTO nr 347 - mars 2022

2021 - LensCulture -Street Photography Awards 2021 Winner 

2021 - AAP Magazine #22 Streets - 0ctober 

2021 - RÉPONSES PHOTO nr 342 - Permanent contest "The 5 winners"

2021 - Life Framer - "Youthhood" - finalists judged by Dutch fine art photographer Hellen van Meene


2021 -  AAP Magazine #15 Streets 

2021 - Women Street Photographers / book, 100 photographers featured /

2020- Life Framer - "Open Call" judged by Martin Parr /finalists


2014 - Traces and Contrasts

2012 -  Mondes Electriques  /"Electric Worlds"/,  EDF Foundation in Paris   /Reportage  "Hairdressing salon in Santiago de Cuba"


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